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Brandstötter A, Girschik A, Ambichl P and Rotter S (2019), "Shaping the branched flow of light through disordered media", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences., July, 2019. Vol. 116(27), pp. 13260-13265.
Abstract: In summary, this work demonstrates how to control the flow of waves through a correlated and weak disorder potential landscape. Such systems give rise to branches along which incoming waves travel through the disorder. We introduce a method that allows us to inject waves in such a way that almost all of the flow travels along a single branch alone. This nontrivial finding can even be extended to the temporal domain as we show by creating pulses that remain on a single branch throughout the entire transmission process. Implementing such concepts in optics requires only a small subpart of the transmission matrix and is thus within reach of present-day technology. We expect our work to be generalizable from scalar to vector waves and from two to three dimensions, where it may give rise to interesting applications in communication and imaging technology.
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