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As Blochbusters, we love both science and art. We do rigorous science, at the same time seek for fascinatingly artistic nature of the matter. We believe the universe always reveals its beauty if you look at it with sheer curiosity and open-mindedness. Thinking outside the box is our prominent principle! Part of our research is to ask well posed questions that can be answered by the tools of theoretical physics. We hope that by answering these question - mathematically and visually - we can achieve a better apprehension of how this universe ticks. That's the Blochbusters spirit we try to instill!


The main questions we ask about this beautiful universe are:

  • How do particles/waves propagate through space? (Particle and wave dynamics)
  • How do quantum mechanical systems evolve in time? (Time-dependent quantum mechanics)
  • How does the physics of the micro cosmos give rise to classical chaos? (Quantumchaology)
  • What governs the transition from quantum mechanics to classical mechanics? (The classical limit)
  • How can we apply (semi)classical techniques to achieve an intuitive understanding of the quantum mechanical framework?
  • Which physical models need to be revised for better predictions?
  • How does nature repeat itself in different scales?


Our name refers to the great 20th century physicist Felix Bloch, and the last thing we want to do is bust him personally. So, why the name? His influence on condensed matter physics has been taken with such authority that other ways of thinking (not contradictory ways – just “other”) are suppressed. Bloch had a lively mind that we are fairly sure he would have applauded our efforts, if not our playful name! We hope to disseminate our knowledge in a new way, and because it lends itself to things visually beautiful, we hope to entertain and inform more widely than just our own work.

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